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HBC’s initial efforts to build a hydrogen community have largely focussed on developing relationships and raising awareness across a diversity of audiences including end-users, technology developers and suppliers, all levels of government, academia, and others. By organizing and delivering substantive events we engage people and share relevant and up-to-date information on technologies, market inroads, initiatives and projects, supply chain development, and evolving policies and programs, to name a few. Just as important, each event makes time for some vigorous networking.

Upcoming Events

Save the Date – May 20, 2020: Hydrogen and Sustainability: Local Roles & Global Goals

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Events to date

Growing the Hydrogen Ecosystem in Ontario

June 13, 2018

Braeben Conference Centre, Mississauga

Co-hosted by Hydrogen Business Council and the City of Mississauga, this event will highlight the emerging opportunities that hydrogen offers for buses, trains and vehicles, all within a compatible ecosystem that can accelerate overall implementation.

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