HBC’s initial efforts to build a hydrogen community have largely focussed on developing relationships and raising awareness across a diversity of audiences including end-users, technology developers and suppliers, all levels of government, academia, and others. By organizing and delivering substantive events we engage people and share relevant and up-to-date information on technologies, market inroads, initiatives and projects, supply chain development, and evolving policies and programs, to name a few. Just as important, each event makes time for some vigorous networking.

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November 19-20, 2020: Hydrogen, Sustainability and Finance 2020: Local Roles & Global Goals.

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November 13, 12:00-12:30pm: Media Preview Event – Register! 

Events to Date

Growing the Hydrogen Ecosystem in Ontario 

June 13, 2018

Braeben Conference Centre, Mississauga
Co-hosted by Hydrogen Business Council and the City of Mississauga, this event will highlight the emerging opportunities that hydrogen offers for buses, trains and vehicles, all within a compatible ecosystem that can accelerate overall implementation.
Program Agenda

Hydrogen for Sustainable Northern Communities –

June 27, 2018
Canadore College, North Bay
Event Partner: City of North Bay
Sponsors: OPG; Canadian National Laboratories; Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE); WAJAX
Program Agenda

Hydrogen on the Move –

Dec 8, 2017
Hart House, University of Toronto
Event Partner: University of Toronto, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
Sponsors: Ontario Power Generation (OPG); Canadian Nuclear Laboratories; Carlsun 7GFuel
Program Agenda

Hydrogen in Ontario – Learn and Mix

Nov 1, 2017
Ontario Investment & Trade Centre, Toronto (downtown)
Sponsors: OPG; Bruce Power; Science Consultants International (Sci)
Program Agenda

Hydrogen for a Sustainable Toronto

June 13, 2016
Toronto Congress Center, Toronto (airport)
Sponsors: WAJAX, Canadian and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA), OPG, Next Hydrogen, Sci
Program Agenda

Most presentations are available to attendees. If you were an attendee and have not received the link, please contact robert.stasko@scienceconcepts.ca