The H2 Opportunity in Ontario and the GTA

Climate change is real and the world’s generation and use of energy is a real factor in its increasing impact.

Hydrogen-enabled energy can be an integral and long-term component in a climate change solution, but only if it is supported with a robust infrastructure. To achieve this, a practical and scalable pathway for sustainability needs to include informed planning and investment in a strategic H2 infrastructure that can serve growing end-user demands. These end-user demands will take root in identified early-adopting applications and spread over time into wider, more mainstream, uses.

GTA is well-qualified to be a potential early adopter of hydrogen infrastructure with its density of potential end-users. A compelling case can be made for an initial cluster in the thriving commercial/industrial Brampton and Airport area. The types of opportunities that fit with a GTA context include but are not limited to: clean personal and public transportation, material handling and consumer goods delivery, grid-scale energy storage, distributed energy systems, and community energy initiatives.

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