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Over the last two years HBC has attracted diverse participants to well-attended events, mostly in the GTA.  This is one way that we build a community and stimulate the conversation about the potential for hydrogen-powered transportation in our region.

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Growing the Hydrogen Ecosystem in Ontario

June 13, 2018

Braeben Conference Centre, Mississauga

Co-hosted by Hydrogen Business Council and the City of Mississauga, this event will highlight the emerging opportunities that hydrogen offers for buses, trains and vehicles, all within a compatible ecosystem that can accelerate overall implementation.

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Past Presentations

The following presentations are available from our December 2017 event:

  1. Hydrogenics Spotlight on Transit Fleets
  2. Nirmal CNL Hydrogen the end-to-end solution for rail
  3. Miller CNL 17z Best tracks for Hydrail
  4. Ontario Programs-hydrogen on the move-LF
  5. Hydrail in Ontario
  6. Bob Oliver – HBC Forum (8-Dec-2017)
  7. Canadore – Hydrogen Technology
  8. Ballard presentation – H2-Mobilty-Toronto-12082017



In 2016, the Province of Ontario announced its $8.3 billion government Climate go trainAction Plan to reduce CO2 emissions under a cap and trade system. Hydrogen solutions are being developed and implemented, close to home, that offer compelling capabilities to help enable this de-carbonization agenda.  Very importantly, these solutions are ready to advance the Plan’s call for hydrogen vehicles to be part of the electric vehicle mix in Ontario, aimed at reducing the use of fossil fuels in various transportation applications on our roads and rails.

Of course, the need and opportunity is a global one. Ontario and Canada can lead.


Be an Active Part of Ontario’s Hydrogen Community

HBC is positioning to be instrumental in:

  • Assisting potential adopters understand if they have a business case for hydrogen adoption – in turn helping them present the case to corporate decision-makers,
  • Targeted or general advocacy for hydrogen as a climate change solution and for policy and program instruments that enable users to adopt hydrogen technologies in ways that make sense, and
  • Education of end-users and their stakeholders, including public awareness-raising.

We have already had productive forays into these areas but there is much to do through our evolving strategic plan. As every plan requires resources, HBC has established an affordable basic membership fee structure that aligns with the benefits that we are equipped to offer at this time, with plans for more in the future.become a member

Corporate membership – $500

  • Includes: logo profiling and other promotion (as available) at events, recognition on HBC website, 2 free passes to events, participation in HBC’s advocacy efforts, receipt of HBC updates as they occur

Individual/Student membership – $50/$25

  • Includes receipt of HBC updates as they occur


As you can see, it is affordable. It is also easy. Just fill out and submit the HBC membership pledge form. We will get in touch with you with an invoice to arrange payment.

If you have questions please contact us at

Who We Are

Hydrogen Business Council is a like-minded community dedicated to bringing knowledge and opportunities to the minds and hands of those who can apply and realize the benefits of hydrogen technology in their work and their lives.

Climate change reduction is at the heart of our initiative. We believe that a practical and scalable pathway for sustainability needs to include informed planning and investment in a strategic H2 infrastructure serving growing end-user demands. One area we work to advance is the role of zero emission hydrogen technologies to ensure their clean attributes contribute to maximum potential within the big picture of energy solutions.

We are committed to maintaining a clear voice of the Canadian hydrogen industry for diverse stakeholder groups. As such, we seek to align with other hydrogen-focused organizations to ensure that all efforts are complementary and additive.

Learn more about our GTA hydrogen conversation.